Our Why

There is a surging gap in knowledge distribution. Accessibility and representation are two common needs facing black professionals today.

Being connected to good resources and a supportive community helps people to design their path to success. This is why Simple X is creating a space for collaboration, providing information, and connecting individuals to resources.

We recognize the lack of diversity in the workforce, and the resulting challenges it brings to employers who aim to attract and retain black professionals. Research shows that it is equally difficult to attract and retain professionals of color. What could be done to change that?

One of the biggest challenges black professionals face is finding spaces where they can connect with each other, create partnerships and gaining access to information that help them to cultivate sustainable relationships within the corporate sector.

For the past two years, we have worked tirelessly to pioneer change in knowledge distribution. This is why we would like to invite you to join us in building a proven model that works.

Our Goal

Our goal is to connect 20,000 black professionals through our programs by the end of 2021.


We will accomplish this goal by continuing to host premier networking mixers, monthly stories and professional development workshops that are engaging and timely. Collaboration is an essential piece to what we have become. We take pride in our relationship with our partners and other black professional groups in the Portland area.


1. Continued Education

Simple X Agency is developing a workshop series dedicated to professional development and soft/hard skills training. The workshop series will cover a broad set of topics including: Project Management, Salary Negotiation, Resume Building, Real Estate Investment, and niche business ventures.

2. Digital Storytelling

Simple X is expanding to a vast online audience by providing content curated to capture all of the company’s programs. In order to achieve a high quality experience with tangible impact, we are investing into digital storytelling to penetrate all social media platforms. This includes a video production team and interns to advance in the online space.

3. Research & Development

Simple X is investing in research and development rooted in equity and knowledge distribution. The research is in collaboration with experts and organizations with the incentive to produce reports, surveys, and curriculums.

We need your support

Simple X is currently seeking financial support from our friends and allies. Your dollars are going to help us curate quality, fun and engaging content to help people build their future. Will you support Simple X to pioneer change in knowledge distribution?


Thanks to our partners and sponsors!