June 2020 | Shari Dunn, Ronnie Wright, Ben Kenyon


A Virtual event! This event was an intimate conversation on navigating the social, economical, and corporate spaces as a black professional. Featured Guests: Shari Dunn | CEO/Public Speaker/Social Entrepreneur/Innovator/Educator/Thinker Shari has over 20 years of experience in law, executive management, policy, equity-focused work, and media. Portland Business Journal, June 9, 2020. Shari is a sought after thought leader who, with her vast experience, can help translate the equity goals of organizations and institutions into action-based results. You can find more about her here. Ben Kenyon (BK)| CEO of Great Day, Portland Trail Blazers Performance Coach Portland Trail Blazers Performance Coach & CEO & Founder [...]

June 2020 | Shari Dunn, Ronnie Wright, Ben Kenyon2020-06-27T23:27:07-07:00

[EVENT POSTPONED] March 2020 | Wilson Smith


EVENT POSTPONED due to COVID-19 Unfortunately, due to health safety the Simple X event is  to be postponed to a later date. (Please stay tuned) We want to thank you all for supporting the Simple X Mixer event: Designing your Path to Success. Our guests and supporters are held at the forefront. The mixer sold out at 200 individuals and due to the amount of people and safety concerns. We want to mitigate risk for those most vulnerable. This is in interest of community and public health. Again, thank you for being a valuable friend of Simple X.

[EVENT POSTPONED] March 2020 | Wilson Smith2020-06-27T22:58:43-07:00

December 2019 | Tracy Mack-Askew, Dr. Libra Forde


December 2019 | Tracy Mack-Askew, Dr. Libra Forde To Wrap up the end of the year we wanted to go BIG and host our event at  Daimler HQ in Swan Island. The theme of the event is Blazing the Trail to Success, and both our panelists will share powerful stories that shaped them to be influential leaders. Tracy Mack-Askew of DTNA and Libra Forde of SEI, although in very different industries share the drive and passion to lead. Come connect with black professionals, hear amazing stories and enjoy food/beverages at the Simple X Mixer. About our guests: Tracy Mack-Askew Tracy Mack-Askew [...]

December 2019 | Tracy Mack-Askew, Dr. Libra Forde2020-06-27T22:11:15-07:00

[FEATURED] Portland Business Journal, “Founders of Portland-based Simple X aim to connect black professionals”


*Full Article HERE* Founders of Portland-based Simple X aim to connect black professionals  Yoseph Ukbazghi (Left) and Wilson Kubwayo co-founded the networking group Simple X. By Matthew Kish  – Staff Reporter, Portland Business Journal Dec 5, 2019, 3:12pm PST Updated Dec 9, 2019, 4:43pm PST Trailblazers DJ David Jackson remembers the meeting: Wilson Kubwayo and Yoseph Ukbazghi wanted his advice about starting a networking group for black professionals. “They were trying to find ways to gather black business professionals, specifically black professionals,” said Jackson, who also goes by the stage name DJ O.G. One. Jackson thought it was a great idea. “There were a number of business networking events [...]

[FEATURED] Portland Business Journal, “Founders of Portland-based Simple X aim to connect black professionals”2020-06-27T22:41:56-07:00

September 2019 | Serilda Summers-McGee, Jamal Fox, Danielle Outlaw, Sara Boone


September 2019 | Serilda Summers-McGee, Jamal Fox, Danielle Outlaw, Sara Boone For our fourth installment of Simple X Mixer, our guests,  Chief Danielle Outlaw ,  Chief Sara Boone , Deputy Chief Jamal Fox, and  Chief Serilda Summers-McGee  shared their wisdom on navigating the workplace. These individuals have made incredible strides in their careers and have unique origin stories. Over 200 attendees enjoyed a night with city leaders and had the opportunity to network with other business professionals and entrepreneurs. About our guest speakers: Chief Danielle Outlaw Chief Danielle Outlaw was sworn in as Chief of Police for the Portland Police Bureau on October 2, 2017. [...]

September 2019 | Serilda Summers-McGee, Jamal Fox, Danielle Outlaw, Sara Boone2020-06-27T22:10:17-07:00

[FEATURED] The Skanner, “Local Black Professionals Featured at ‘Navigating the Workplace’ Mixer”


*Check out the Article Here* 06-27-2020  2:58 pm    Local Black Professionals Featured at ‘Navigating the Workplace’ Mixer Chief Danielle Outlaw, Deputy Chief Jamal Fox, Chief Sara Boone and Chief Serilda will share their personal and professional experiences with attendees of 'Navigating the Workplace' mixer. By The Skanner NewsPublished: 05 September 2019Navigating the Workplace, the 4th Simple X Mixer will be held Thursday, Sept. 12 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at New Relic, 111 SW 5th Ave. #2700 in Portland. Guests, Chief Danielle Outlaw, Chief Sara Boone, Deputy Chief Jamal Fox, and Chief Serlida Summers-McGee will share their personal and professional experience on [...]

[FEATURED] The Skanner, “Local Black Professionals Featured at ‘Navigating the Workplace’ Mixer”2020-06-27T22:38:33-07:00

June 2019 | Kary Youman


June 2019 | Kary Youman Kary Youman was just 12 years old when he learned that the man he called his father was not his biological father. Fast forward to age 37, Kary found out that his biological father is Robert Palmer,  a Grammy nominated song writer. On June 7th, Robert flew in from Arizona to meet with Kary for the first time. “The only thing that came to mind was gratitude,” says Youman. On June 21, Kary shared his inspiring story about humanity, healing, and bouncing back when life knocks you down.                 [...]

June 2019 | Kary Youman2020-06-27T22:32:38-07:00

March 2019 | Stephen Green | Simple X Mixer


March 2019 | Stephen Green Stephen Green, is a recovering banker and venture capitalist. Stephen was born to live in Portland, as he came into this world an hour after the Portland Trailblazers won their first and only NBA championship. He has worked tirelessly to support, connect and grow under-represented founders on the west coast for almost two decades. Stephen spends his time helping area startups with access to capital. He serves on a number of boards including the Oregon Growth Board, Black Investment Corporation for Economic Progress (BICEP), Built Oregon, Oregon Public House (cause using a brewery for good is [...]

March 2019 | Stephen Green | Simple X Mixer2020-06-27T22:36:22-07:00

December 2018 | David “DJ OG One” Jackson


December 2018 | David “DJ OG One” Jackson David Jackson, aka O.G.ONE is one of the industries most respected djs. With over 20+ years of experience, O.G.ONE is considered a legendary dj in Portland, and his resume speaks for itself.  Mr. Jackson shared his life story of how he battled cancer and still managed to thrive as a family man and entrepreneur. O.G. ONE talked about “The True Value in Networking with Purpose.” O.G.ONE’s ability to connect with people through his musical skills on the 1’s & 2’s, has put him on stages, iconic events and parties, with the likes of [...]

December 2018 | David “DJ OG One” Jackson2020-06-27T22:46:58-07:00
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