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Combating Unconscious Bias

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Dr. Anita Randolph
Dr. Anita RandolphMedical Researcher
Anita Randolph, Ph.D., is a Diversity Inclusion in Research Award recipient (OFDIR) at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). Currently, she is researching
methamphetamine addiction to elucidate differences in brain function between people with and without a history of substance abuse using MRI imaging modalities.

When Anita is not conducting research, she is engaged in several outreach projects throughout the greater Portland area and abroad in countries such as Ghana, Tanzania, and South Africa. At OHSU, Anita serves as the co-director for the Youth Engaged in Science (YES!) initiatives, which aims to decrease health and educational disparities among underrepresented groups.

She is also the founder of Building Everyday Alliances by Delivering Support (BEADS), which aims to make STEM more accessible to underrepresented minorities in villages, hospitals, and orphanages around the world.

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